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Remote interpretation is the convenient, fast, and cost-effective way to communicate with your patients.

CyraCom supports hundreds of languages, including more that 25 languages over video - including American Sign Language.

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Section 1557 of the ACA

Access interpreters via phones, laptops, or  CyraCom's Interpreter App.


Qualified Interpreters

Employee interpreters in CyraCom's large-scale US contract centers complete  extensive interpreter training where they learn medical terminology, anatomy & physiology, and other topics essential for  healthcare-related calls.  

Do you know the top 5 languages for your community?

Check out CyraCom’s interactive language map to learn the top five languages spoken in your state.
Remote interpretation helps you deliver better care, build better relations, help avoid treatment complications, and limit the number of people physically present in treatment areas.

Who We Are

CyraCom is the leading provider of language services for healthcare. We help bridge the language gap for healthcare organizations that need to communicate with patients who do not speak or read English well. We support hundreds of languages and operate 24/7.

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